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The purpose of our programs is to bring light to the inner world.

Seminars at Four Springs draw on the psychological insights of C. G. Jung and Fritz Kunkel, religious wisdom from many traditions, poetry, art and experiential education.

The Guild for Psychological Studies also holds some of its seminars at Four Springs. For dates and information, please see


An Unchristian Jesus
March 15-17, 2019

It is not hard to imagine that Jesus was a profound teacher, or to think that his work might stand on its own without centuries of commentary by saints and not a few scoundrels.

In fact, for many, Christian teachings about Jesus obscure what might be discerned in teachings from Jesus.

With his stories and questions Jesus seemed to challenge his listeners to do their own work and come to their own conclusions about their relationship to a larger reality.

Whatever theories about Jesus were developed in later generations, it seems an encounter with John the Baptist was pivotal for Jesus as he began his work. 

Both John and Jesus proclaimed the message “Metanoeite,” often translated “repent” but perhaps more accurately, “have a new mind,” or “expand your awareness” (from meta, beyond + nous, mind).

John encouraged metanoia as he warned of one to come who would baptize with fire and separate wheat from chaff. But Jesus’ baptism experience is described as “the spirit descending like a dove,” and not a fiery judgment.

The affirmation “you are my beloved child” that Jesus is reported to have sensed as he came up out of the water seems far from the Baptist’s threats and exhortations. 

How might we change our lives if we have confidence that this message of loving affirmation is the deeper message of existence to us?

Facilitators for this seminar are Timothy Locke, Ph.D. and Sonya Milton, B.A.

Call (888) 428-5189 to register or for more information, or email

Seminars begin at 7:00 Friday evening and conclude by 1 on Sunday afternoon.  Fees include lodging and meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch and start at $250 for the weekend, double occupancy and shared bath.  Single occupancy and private bath options are available.

Lodging is often available before or after the weekend for those who would like to spend additional quiet time at Four Springs, please inquire.



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