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The purpose of our seminars is to bring light to the inner world through the integration of religious wisdom, experiential education and depth psychology.

The Guild for Psychological Studies also holds some of its seminars at Four Springs. For dates and information, please see


Awakening the Heart: An Interfaith Approach to the Wisdom of Jesus

We offer seminars on this theme several times each year.

Next seminar: October 5-7, 2018

The Parables of the Treasure, the Merchant and the Net
(Matthew 13:44-48)

Fragments of Jesus’ teaching are scattered throughout the gospels.

Frequently they are buried under a thicket of Christian traditions

developed by others in later generations.

Many sayings from Jesus suggest a study of our own being rather

than his. They point to the possibility of a further development in

us psychologically that does not happen automatically. There are

indications that help is available and that in our habitual states we are

not effective receivers of that help.

In these seminars we place sayings associated with Jesus in dialogue

with other spiritual traditions, with psychology, poetry and other

sources of wisdom. We explore questions with journaling, drawing

and movement, and without pressure to agree with anyone else.

This weekend we will work with three sayings about the “Kingdom

of Heaven”: that it is like a treasure hidden in a field, like a merchant

in search of fine pearls, and like a net thrown into the sea. What light

can we find for our inner situation in these three views of a reality that

Jesus described as “at hand”?


Facilitated by Timothy Locke, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Four Springs Seminars

Call (888) 428-5189 to register or for more information, or email

Seminars begin at 7:30 Friday evening and conclude by 1 on Sunday afternoon.  Fees include lodging and meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch and start at $250 for the weekend, double occupancy and shared bath.  Single occupancy and private bath options are available.

Lodging is available before the weekend for those who would like to spend additional quiet time at Four Springs, please inquire.



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